CD Review Il Divo Timeless

By either design or happenstance Il Divo began the Timeless tour at the start of the year but only released the accompanying album now. As a result I’d already heard all these songs live, so I knew in advance just how good this album was going to be.

All of Me is possibly my favourite track, I love the beat they’ve put to it, I love that it’s sung in English. Closely following is Right Here Waiting, which is one of my all time favourite songs, their version is just ❤ ❤ ❤  emojis are for when words fail right?

They have gone back to singing in several languages on this album, Spanish, Italian, French and English. The tour was at stately homes and castles, something else they haven’t done for years. I love it.

There is a Spanish cover of Robbie Williams’s Angels (also a favourite of mine) and no I’m not sitting here swaying my arms in the air from the comfort of my sofa… ahem.

The song choices on here are perfect, there are the standards you’d expect like Love Me Tender and Unforgettable, then there’s All of Me, a cover of Adele’s Hello (Hola) and the theme from Love Story (Where Do I Begin) sung in Italian and with enough gusto to make it the *operatic* piece of the album. To be honest I love every track on here, Toi et Moi is playing as I type and it really is beautiful.

Timeless is one of the best albums they’ve done simple as that.



All of Me


Aqui Esperandote (Right Here Waiting)

Toi et Moi (The Way We Were)

Grazie Amore Mio (Where Do I Begin)

Que Bonito Es Vivir (Wonderful World)

Love Me Tender



This is the new single Unforgettable and is the Chapter Two of the Hola story.. Carlos fans this one’s for you 😉


New Music from Seth Lakeman “Divided We Will Fall”

Seth has recently toured with Robert Plant and may I say you can certainly tell he’s been influenced by Plant on this song. It’s a lot rockier than his usual violin led Folk foot stompers. The violin is still very present and very much rocking but there is a fair amount of electric guitar too. I am liking this *new* direction very much and I hope there is more of it on the new album.

The lyrics are quite political as you might guess, there is talk of walls, newspapers twisting headlines etc, and a general call for people to stand together during these rather messy times.

The new album “The Well Worn Path” is out on 26th October 2018.

New music from Il Divo – Aquí Esperándote (Right Here Waiting)

This is the second single from the upcoming Timeless album (out on August 10th and available for pre order now isn’t that right David 😉 ) It is a Spanish cover of the Richard Marx song and it’s been on my wish list for them to sing for a very long time, along with Robbie William’s Angels, which is also on the album.

Their version is beautiful, it sounds even better live. It is the kind of song that works so well with their style and voices.

There is a video to accompany it, entitled The Pianist, which shows Seb’s character’s perspective of the events in the Hola video (They shot Carlos, I am still not over that) whereas that one was all intrigue, action and Carlos doing his own stunts (yes he did, David told me) , this video is more melancholy and reflective. Unfortunately it got taken down, apparently it was released too early, but there is an audio only video which I shall post for you.

You can buy the single from Amazon, iTunes or listen for free on Spotify

Il Divo with special guests Michael Ball and Bring it North at Ragley Hall, Alcester, 14/07/2018

I have never seen Il Divo outside of an arena before and I had a Meet and Greet booked with them so I was really looking forward to it, plus my Mum and I had got my Dad to take us there, he had my original ticket and I bought another one.

It has to be said the car parking arrangements did not impress me, especially on the way out, it was complete chaos. There were no signs, no stewards and no one wanted to give an inch to any other car. We ended up exiting 40 minutes after getting in the car, via a dirt track onto some random, surprisingly busy road.

Anyway, back to the concert, the M&G check in went smoothly, the lady was very nice. My friend and I found the meeting point, met with some other fans whom we both know and chatted whist we waited. I was first in, put my stuff on a table, the lady asked me to hang back a minute so I did. David and Carlos spotted me, told me to “come on over” well who am I to argue? I had a plan of what to say to each of them, given that time is limited so you have to make of it what you can. I did tell Carlos that I run a twitter fan page for him (he does follow it) and he thanked me 😀 I stood between David and Carlos for my photo.

Young lads Bring it North opened with a short set, they were very good, I felt a bit sorry for them because people were milling around and not really paying attention to them. Michael Ball was next, he was fabulous! I was so happy when they said he would be on tour with them. He did nearly an hour, opened with “Something Inside So Strong”. He also did “You’re the Voice”, “He Lives In You”, “Gethsemane”, “Tell Me It’s Not True”, “Empty Chairs”, “Stars”, “Love Changes Everything”, “The Wonder Of You”, “Anthem” – think that was it… there might have been another.

Il Divo came on just after 8pm I think, they opened with Hola and we all know the set list from there.

My personal favourites were Hola, Right Here Waiting, Love Me Tender, and All of Me, but all the new tracks are excellent. They played some old favourites too, PQTME was back along with Come What May. My friend handed out 500 leaflets with hearts on to hold up during “I Will Always Love You” and much to her amazement everyone who had one did! It looked amazing and the guys loved it 😀 Well done to Rosemary for doing that xx

The solo spots were all impressive but Carlos’ “Granada” stood out for me, in fact I stood and applauded. Seb’s “Kingdom Come” sounded brilliant live, Urs’ was very powerful and David of course bought people to their feet.

The dancers did a very good job despite the fact that stage wasn’t really big enough and dare I say the show is more suited to arenas.. just my opinion.

I loved the concert, I had a fabulous night. But my parents couldn’t see a thing for the first half, there were no screens to help either. Some people moved in the second half and their view improved a little. They did really enjoy what they heard though.

The experience of an outdoor show was wonderful but I do think the guys should bring the show back to our arenas where it can be seen in it’s full glory.

A new album for Carlos Marin? Innocence? or both..?

A while back both Carlos and Innocence hinted at recording a new album, but with Carlos away on Il Divo duty it’s all gone a bit quiet. I thought I’d make a post about it anyway, and update as information becomes available.. it’s very intriguing though

UPDATED: It’s true! Carlos has a new album coming out in early 2019 as confirmed in this interview here

I translated part of it into English

“I do the show in Brazil and I join the group for presentations in Australia, to promote the album. Then start world tour with the Divo ll, which runs from September to December. Then there are some solo shows in Spain and the release of my new solo album in early 2019.”


Concert Review Talon Acoustic at Conkers Discovery Centre, Moira. @TALONEAGLES

I’ve been to the amphitheatre here before but I didn’t know they did concerts in the actual discovery centre. The car park is a lot bigger, they offer good food – £7.50 for main course, £2.50 for a big bowl of chips – and cheap drink, glass of wine £3.00 someodd.

The last time I saw Talon was at the amphitheatre doing their Greatest Hits of the Eagles show. I knew they did other stuff too so I was looking forward to the acoustic concert. There are four members to Talon Acoustic Jonny Miller, Chris Lloyd, Peter Anderson and Keith Buck. All of them are superb musicians, the harmonies are ridiculously good, the solo spots were excellent. Awesome is an overused word but… they are awesome.

They covered songs by just about EVERYBODY, rearranged to suit their style, we had Eagles, Pink Floyd, John Legend, Lindisfarne, The Everly Brothers, Elvis Presley, 10CC, Michael Jackson – Billie Jean played on a ukulele by Jonny Miller, has to be seen –  Toto, Crosby, Stills and Nash, and many others I can’t think of right now plus an innuendo laden take on the Hovis advert…

Their version of John Legend’s All of Me is incredible.

The onstage banter was truly something else, not often I laugh till I cry, but oh my goodness they were funny.

They are playing a mammoth amount of gigs over the remainder of this year at small venues, cheap ticket prices, I paid £22.

Here is the link for Talon Acoustic gigs

Here is the link for Talon Eagles gigs

And here is their version of All of Me