Christmas Songs 2019

Come on, be honest, who else is fed up of hearing the same fifteen songs at this time of year.. Elton John, Wizzard, Slade, Wham!, Ms Carey, et all recycled again and again. This year we have the added bonus of the world and it’s Great Aunt Agatha singing songs from The Greatest Showman. Deep Joy.

So I’ve been trawling through Youtube to see if someone – anyone – has come up with anything new. This is what I found

Note: I refuse to post that Christmas Sweater song. Just NO.

Eric Clapton – White Christmas a blues version of the classic song, with a fabulous video.

Gwen Stefani – You Make It Feel Like Christmas Ft Blake Shelton a proper Country Christmas song!

Not a lot is it? if anyone knows of any other new Christmas songs then do let me know!


CD Review Evolution by Disturbed

From what I can gather this seems to be musical Marmite amongst the fans, some love and some loathe it. To be fair, the band did say this would be different to previous offerings.

As someone who only came to the band after hearing The Sound of Silence, I bought the album Immortalized on the back of it and another song called The Light. Whilst I like it, there is a lot of “RAAARAAAARAAAA” heavy metal on there, not my usual tastes and certainly some of their earlier stuff is not for my ears either.

However, Evolution I REALLY like, there is a nice mix of just heavy enough for me rock songs and some beautiful acoustic songs. David Draiman can sing RAAARAAARAAA stood on his head, blindfolded and his hands tied behind his back, to sing the ballads takes a “proper” singing voice and he has that too. Sound of Silence was a monstrous hit, it got all kinds of acclaim and they want to do more of it, you can’t blame them (TSOS is on the deluxe edition, a live duet with Myles Kennedy) There is even a kind of Country lyric-ed, orchestral break piece on there called Uninvited Guest, which I love but the thought of die hard heavy metal fans listening to it and hating it did make me laugh – sorry guys!

The remix of Are You Ready (also the deluxe edition) is very well done. Stand out songs on the *normal* version In Another Time, Hold on to Memories and Stronger On Your Own.

It’s available to buy from everywhere and listen for free on Spotify!

*I bought the album myself and am just sharing my thoughts

New Music from Fillipa Giordano ft Carlos Marin “Right Here Waiting”

Any time I get to start a post with “new music” and “Carlos Marin” in the same sentence is ALWAYS a good day!

It is no secret that Right Here Waiting is one of my all time favourite songs, when Il Divo put it on Timeless I was overjoyed… finding that Carlos has recorded it on his own has me exploding into little pieces of glitter! well he’s not on his own to be truthful, he’s guesting on Fillipa Giordano’s new album “Friends and Legends” I confess I had no idea who she was until now.

It is a bit odd to see him sing with someone other than Innocence but at the same time it’s nice to see him sing with someone else, if that makes sense!

This duet is fabulous. Fillipa has a really lovely voice, they blend together beautifully. It’s in English and I LOVE IT. BLOODY LOVE IT!!!

Fillipa duets with a host of famous singers on the album, Tony Hadley,  Michael Bolton, Peter Cetera, it’s an 80’s fest! and there is nothing wrong with that.

Here is the link to buy from Amazon UK

This is the video – oh be still my beating heart! ❤ ❤ ❤

New music from Disturbed “A Reason To Fight”

This is the second single from their upcoming album “Evolution” out on October 19th. It’s a ballad with  a powerful message about addiction, they’ve posted helpline numbers under the video on Youtube. It has certainly struck a chord with fans if the comments are anything to be judged by.

It’s starts with acoustic guitar and builds from there.

David Draiman puts every single ounce of emotion into the lyrics, as if he personally is right behind you willing you to keep going, which I suppose he is in a way.

New duet from Carlos Marin and Filippa Giordano “Right Here Waiting”

Exciting news this week, Carlos is featuring on the latest album by Filippa Giordano called Friends & Legends which is released on October 12th!

Fillipa posted a short clip on her Instagram and it sounds wonderful.