Michael Ball Live in 2018

He seems to be doing various odds and bods this year so here is my attempt at an up to date list!

Chess London Coliseum April 26th onwards for 5 weeks

Carfest (South) with Alfie Boe 24/8/2018 – 26/08/2018

Stages: The Musical Theatre Festival at Sea 15th – 19th October 2018


Alfie Boe UK Tour 2018 and other live dates

Late to the party I know..

15/5/2018 and 16/08/2018 Rock the Pops Symphony Hall Boston Boston USA

19/05/2018 Bravo! Performing Arts Cruise (7 nights)

27/05/2018 Memorial Day Concert Washington DC USA

31/05/2018 Kelvingrove Bandstand Glasgow

02/06/2018 Fleetwood Town FC Fleetwood

16/06/2018 Kenwood House London

30/06/2018 Scarborough Open Air Theatre Scarborough

03/07/2018 Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod Llangollen

24/08/2018 – 26/08/2018 Carfest (South) with Michael Ball



Concert Review: Joe Bonamassa Genting Arena 16/3/2018

First concert of the year and the first one I’ve written about on here, Joe is always a good place to start.

The concert started at 8pm, no interval and no support act which meant we didn’t have to rush to get there which was nice. He did have a special guest however, Bernie Marsden joined him on stage for Breaking Up Someone’s Home – an Albert King song. Bernie is probably best known for being guitarist with Whitesnake. Bernie and Joe are great friends, it’s certainly not the first time I’ve seen Bernie as a guest on Joe’s show.

Joe started the concert with three new songs, he has a new album out in September, apparently it caused much confusion on the first three rows as they wondered in Joe’s words “WTF is he playing?” LOL!

I must confess I didn’t recognise all the songs he played, he has such a vast wealth of material that you can’t possibly remember them all! He did do Driving Toward The Daylight which is a favourite of mine, No Good Place For The Lonely, Slow Train – during which he shared vocals with the backing singers and the saxophone player! certainly made for a different arrangement.

I did feel the sound was a bit tinny in places which is most unusual for Joe.. or it could be my ears I’m not sure..

Concert perennial Sloe Gin was completely left out and he finished on Humming Bird.

But as I said, he has so many songs that you could go and see him next week and he could have a completely different set list.

Thoroughly enjoyed it, Joe is the master of his craft, looking forward to the new album and hopefully another tour.



New Music from Rainbow “Waiting for a Sign”

This is the first new single from Rainbow in about 20 or so years, recorded for the forthcoming Memories in Rock II due for release in April, Ronnie Romero is on vocals. Have I mentioned how much I love Ronnie Romero? He is a cross between Freddie Mercury and Ronnie James Dio, he will be The Next Big Thing in rock music.

Although obviously a rock song, it’s not a hard rock song, it kind of reminds me of Street of Dreams or I Surrender, but bluesier if that makes sense. I really do prefer this kind of thing to the heavier rock that they do, though Ronnie handles both with ease, I’ve seen him do it.

I’m on about my fourth or fifth listen now, definitely liking this song. Hope there is more like this to come!

CD Review: Bob Seger “I knew You When”

I love Bob Seger, he is, in the UK at least,  one of the most underrated singer/song writers. I guess most people would know Old Time Rock and Roll as featured in the film Risky Business, Downtown Train which Rod Stewart had a massive hit with and We’ve Got Tonight.

This album is dedicated to the memory of Glenn Frey, best known as a member of the Eagles, Glenn and Bob have been friends for many, many years.

The title track is pure old school Seger, with a bit of Frey thrown in for good measure, seriously it brings a tear to my eye.

There are a couple of covers on here, Lou Reed’s Busload of Faith and Leonard Cohen’s Democracy, certainly very appropriate in the current political climate.

The album overall is a lot rockier than I expected, but Bob has still got it vocals wise to get the job done so to speak.  The track I’m listening to as I write this, Marie, is rather dark, then the next one Runaway Train is back to heavy guitar driven angry sounding vocals.

Something More is back to old school Seger again, soaring vocals, power chords, sax break, love it!

It ends with Glenn Song – enough said.

Track List

  1. Gracile
  2. Busload of Faith
  3. The Highway
  4. I Knew You When
  5. I’ll Remember You
  6. The Sea Inside
  7. Marie
  8. Runaway Train
  9. Something More
  10. Democracy
  11. Forward Into The Past
  12. Blue Ridge
  13. Glenn Song


Carlos Marin En Concierto CD/DVD review

Early Rising Mum

I received this some time ago but have only just got the chance to write my thoughts. As it’s only available as a download in the UK at the moment, I ordered my copy from almarazrecords.com in Mexico. I have to say their service was exemplary. They emailed me in Spanish and English, converted the amount to pay into pounds at the checkout and you can pay with Pay Pal. They gave me a delivery time of 3-5 weeks but it actually turned up quicker than that. It was very well packaged, in it’s own little plastic sleeve inside a cardboard box, inside a padded envelope. The total price (including packaging) was roughly £14. I am very wary of where I order from online but I would definitely use these people again.

The CD is obviously the same as the download so I won’t go over that again, but you…

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CD Review: We Came Here To Love – Sebastien Izambard

Before becoming part of the globally successful classical crossover quartet Il Divo, Sebastien Izambard was doing quite nicely thank you very much as pop artist, his first album Libre is still available in download form and Spotify, sung entirely in French, it’s well worth a listen.

Now Il Divo are into their fourteenth (fifteenth?)  year, some of them are branching out into solo projects. Carlos has been doing concerts outside of the group for ages and now Seb has produced this, his second album.

All the songs are in English – unless you have the Japanese edition which has a bonus track sung in Spanish called “Hablemos” you can hear that on YouTube if you want to, it’s very pretty, I like it.

The album is quite an eclectic mix of songs, from ballads “We Came Here To Love” and “Blind Heart” to upbeat tunes “Up” and “Cheer Me Up”, the somewhere in-betweens of “Ashes” and “Kingdom Come” then there’s “Easy” which is a full on, proper dance mix! There is not however any Opera 😀 so if you’re expecting something Divo-ish then sorry, not on this album.

I like the fact that all the songs are different, I’m not a fan of albums where five songs in you think “Haven’t I heard this before..?” also it means he can’t be categorized into one genre of music.. although I did see it labelled as “Adult Contemporary”  whatever that means..

As far as I’m concerned there is good music and there is bad music and what falls into which category is in the ear of the beholder. Seb’s album is most definitely good music in my opinion.

Track List

  1. We Came Here To Love
  2. Kingdom Come
  3. Up
  4. Unchained
  5. Goodbye My Lover
  6. Ashes
  7. Blind Heart
  8. Love Again
  9. Why
  10. Cheer Me Up
  11. Easy